EQUAL to DOLLARs; loyal to us

Ithaca Dollars are a digital currency valued 1 for 1 with the US Dollar. They are accepted as all or part of the totals due for goods & services on offer by businesses and others. In contrast to how USD regularly flow out of the community, Ithaca Dollars are loyal to it. You might even say that as far as Ithaca Dollars go, Ithaca really is the center of the universe! 


Ithaca Dollars are used to reward shopping locally, provide grant support to causes, and make credit available for micro and community-based enterprises. Partner institutions, local residents, and visitors to our community may also purchase Ithaca Dollars. A variable "buy in" bonus is added on such purchases as gratuity for the commitment to purchasing locally.
The present buy in bonus rate is 10% so that $100 nets i$110.
Ithaca Dollars may not be cashed out for USD.

HOw they are earned

1) Shopping, paying, sharing, and posting listings in the app (Very easy)
2) Selling goods & services in the marketplace (Also very easy)
3) Working for a place that accepts them (Pay, perks, bonuses)
4) Adding value to the system personally (Everyone has value)

how to pay and get paid

Link your phone and use simple text messages using this format:
Command+PIN+Destination+Amount e.g. "Pay 1234 SeaChange 120"
The Ithacash # is (888) 645-2409. Text in "help" if you forget the commands!

APP: Use the "shortcut" button at bottom right.